A cozy VR action-puzzle game about balancing towering stacks to meet cute cryptids on colourful floating islands. Will you overcome gravity itself to reach new heights and perspectives? Will you find the mythical Stacksquatch and recover the Wayward Islands?



Physics-based stacking and interactions were always a real draw to VR for me. The prototype of Stacksquatch played perfectly to the strengths of the new medium: the awe of scale, the precision of the controllers, and very little risk of nausea. It was also a good excuse for me to use my own Vive Grip product.


I wanted to work with others to bring it all together. I picked each member of the team for commission work because of their unique, cozy, and sometimes quirky style of art that I felt represented the soul of Stacksquatch. This was my first time working with a team of freelancers this size but they made it easy and were a pleasure to work with.


  • Explore across locations, seasons, and sizes to build the best stacks
  • Chat with the cryptids you find, all with unique dialogue, hopes, and dreams
  • Sit down or run around, whatever your space allows
  • Enjoy accessible, intuitive gameplay without violence
  • Unique experience and controls to the VR medium


Early Access trailerYouTube



Selected Articles

  • Such a fun game. It's an original game type with a great difficulty level.
    VR Martin, YouTube
  • Has a good vibe to it and I'm pretty sure my kids would enjoy it too.
    Marcus Valles "IN|VR", YouTube
  • The music is amazing.
    Dunky Gamer, YouTube

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